Traditional Ceremony in Kintélé

The elders and land chiefs of Kintélé thus testified to the acceptance of the project and its blessing.

Palm wine, cola nuts, and indigenous peppers were used to implore the mages to authorize the president of Terre d’école in the kingdom, adorned with raffia, a symbol of the Téké royalty.

The various rituals have a dual symbolism: they sealed the lasting friendship between Mrs. Maria Maylin and the peoples of these localities on one hand, and marked the blessing of Terre d’école for its advancement without difficulty on the other hand.


At the local level, the Terre d’école project is already bearing fruit. Particularly with the employment of young people from the village and the filling of the ravine, a result of erosion.

This ceremony was an opportunity for the fusion of different traditions, the basis of the Terre d’école project which is part of a sustainable development logic, and works for the emergence of a new generation more respectful of the environment.


“The Terre d’école project is a boon for our children,” declared the village chief.